Seven Stars is the earliest brand established, and under this one raw and unprocessed bird's nest is marketed. They are cleaned and then packed to be sold in local and international market (USA, China, and Hong Kong).

Marlienna, Owner and CEO of Heavenly Nest was later inspired by her colleague who suggested her to make the bird's nest into a ready-to-drink version since she often cooked and shared them with her friends, siblings and business colleagues who in turn felt more refreshed and energetic after consuming the beverage.

Marlienna then embraced the name 'Heavenly Nest' for her bird's nest beverage. It is comprised of the word 'Heaven' to symbolise the swiftlets being the blessings from the Mother Nature and by the latter too that she is given the permission to build a business out of it. The same word 'Heaven' is also identical to the eminence and the abundant benevolence of God.

Furthermore, Marlienna also instils her philosophy into the tagline of her products - "Where Health & Beauty Convene", that through consuming the products of Seven Stars or Heavenly Nest, one can achieve the state of being healthy, robust yet delicate.