Heavenly Nest Premium – Pure Concentrated Bird’s Nest
June 24, 2018
Seven Stars Raw Dried Bird Nest – Box of 100gr
June 24, 2018

Heavenly Nest Premium – Kurma


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This variant with Medjool – The King of Dates, added with excellent benefits from our premium bird’s nest, is very suitable to be consumed upon breaking a fast to restore your condition swiftly. Our bird’s nest drink with Medjool date can help you boost energy during fasting and keep you full for longer period.

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Consuming and Storing
Best consumed on an empty stomach, which is usually in the morning when first waking up or in the evening before bedtime.
Keep refrigerated and consume within 14 days.

All Natural Ingredients
Ionised Water 150ml, Bird’s Nest (dried weight 5gr), Medjool Date.