Heavenly Nest Regular – Manuka Honey
October 5, 2017
Heavenly Nest Premium – Kurma
June 24, 2018

Heavenly Nest Premium – Pure Concentrated Bird’s Nest


An offering of the pure concentrated form of ready-to-drink bird’s nest in a small jar. This set of 7 jars of ‘long-life elixir’ would be a favourable and meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

Natural, safe, free from chemicals, flavouring, and preservatives.
Read more about the benefits of consuming bird’s nest.

Sweetness level
Natural sweetness

Consuming and Storing
Best consumed on an empty stomach, which is usually in the morning when first waking up or in the evening before bedtime.
Keep refrigerated and consume within 14 days.

All Natural Ingredients
Bird’s Nest (dried weight 9gr/bottle), Water, Rock Sugar
No sugar available on request

7 jars per box
@35ml / 1.2oz